What is a Cat Nail File?

If you want to properly groom your cat, then you need a cat nail file to help you. You can buy cat nail files individually, but they are often packaged with cat nail trimmers as well. Cat nail files help you smooth any sharp edges and remove any burrs leftover from clipping. Essentially, it is used to put the finishing touches to the cat’s nails to ensure it not only looks good, but is also safe.

This tool is generally thin and long. One end will consist of the handle so that it is ergonomic to the human hand. The other end is gritty, usually on both sides, and this is the surface on which one rubs the cat’s nails on to remove nail particles with a back and forth motion. Do not make the mistake of relying on this as the sole tool for grooming your cat’s nails.

Cat nail clippers should be used together with the nail file for the greatest effect. Cat nail clippers are slightly different than human nail clippers, though human nail clippers are actually a viable substitute. They usually sport two blades, spaced apart by a small gap, but close together to clip anything between its jaws when the handles are squeezed. Though these blades are small, they are capable of clipping a cat’s nails.

Some clippers even have a nail file connected to one of the handles, however these are usually not as good quality, but with some effort it should be enough to remove any nail burrs. Nails burrs are uneven sections of the claw that can cause the animal discomfort by catching onto other materials.

Other kinds of nail grooming tools for cats include nail scissors and nail guillotines. Guillotines have a small, circular opening on one end that is encircled by a sharp blade. All one needs to do is stick the nail through the hole, being careful not to place the quick in the way of the blade, and squeezing the handle. The blade will cut off anything located right at the hole area, much like an actual guillotine would. Nail scissors, similarly, can be used much like regular scissors would to help you trim your cat’s nails.

When a cat’s nails have been freshly clipped, they are actually very sharp still. Some owners stop there, but their job is not done; you won’t make the same mistake. You must blunt the edges of the nail that have come into contact with the clipping tools’ blades. If you neglect this important step, then clipping the nail was for naught, since your cat can still scratch your furniture, rugs, or even people. With a cat nail file, you can quickly and easily smooth out these sharp edges, leaving them blunt and safe.

Some owners don’t want to use a manual file, opting for a battery-powered tool instead. The rotating cat nail file is similar to that of a dremel. It rotates a circular emery board that can be used on your cat’s claws. This spinning action will quickly file down the nail without much effort on the user’s part. This method is also safer, since you no longer need to clip the nail, and it is simple and painless compared to other grooming techniques.

Photo Credit: Neko_ai