Maine Coon Cat Grooming: Keeping a Long Haired Kitty in Top Shape

Maine Coon Cats are a breed of native American cat. For decades Americans have loved and admired this playful yet elegant and study breed. The Maine Coon is noted for the cat’s traditional long coat, relaxed disposition and chirping voice. Proper grooming is vital in order to help keep a Maine Coon’s cat free from knots and in good shape.

Essential Brushing Tools

Perhaps the most notable feature of the Maine Coon is the cat’s long and elegant coat. A cat’s coat can take up to two years to full develop. While some cats can easily keep their own fur in tiptop shape a Maine Coon kitty may require some help with the process from a human owner.

A Maine Coon cat should be groomed at least three times a week in order to keep the cat’s coat free from knots. Owners should purchase a standard cat brush with thick bristles, a smaller cat brush for grooming delicate areas and a comb.

Ideally one should get any Maine Coon cat used to grooming from an early age. If possible start brushing the cat’s fur as soon as the adoption papers are signed. Older Maine Coons may resist brushing. However, brushing still must be done in order to reduce the occurrence of hairballs and potential mats. Provide the cat with a kitty treat or favorite toy during each grooming session. A catnip filled toy can divert the cat’s attention from the feel of bristles down their back.

A Maine Coon’s fur should be brushed starting at the top of the head and continuing down the back of the cat. After brushing the cat’s sides and tail use a smaller brush to gently brush the cat’s paws and behind the ears. Follow this with small comb across the cat’s fur. The comb can help the owner spot any knots in the cat’s coat.

Getting Out Mats

Despite an owner’s best efforts, a Maine Coon cat may still develop knots in their fur. If the owner finds knots the best way to get rid of them is to carefully tease them out with a comb. Stroke the cat while doing this. If the knots remain try using a pair of small, sharp scissors to cut out the knot. Be very alert when doing this so as not to cut into the cat’s tender flesh. It is essential to get out knots as soon as possible. Left untended smaller knots can easily become much larger knots.

If the knots in the cat’s fur remain despite one best grooming efforts the Maine Coon cat’s coat may have to be shaved. A vet can perform this procedure for the cat under sedation if necessary. After the knots have been removed the cat’s coat should fully grow back within six months.

Grooming a Maine Coon cat can make any kitty look good and help improve their health as well. With a few short weekly sessions any cat can have a coat worthy of the best of this beloved breed.