How to Select the Best Dog Nail Polish

Sometimes people like to play dress-up, and that same sense of whimsy leads people to dress up their pets also. One way to complete that certain look is to give your dog a full manicure using nail polish. When selecting the best one, you need to make sure you use one that is made specifically for dogs, i.e. one that dries really fast. You can purchase dog nail polish online or in-person at specialty pet stores. Some dog groomers may apply it for you or sell nail polish out of their stores as part of their services.

You may be wondering if nail polish is safe to use on a dog. Fret not, it is safer than human nail polish (by the way, don’t ever use human nail polish on dogs). Dog nail polish uses ingredients that are not harmful to dogs. Human nail polish and polish remover, on the other hand, contains harmful chemicals that are toxic and can irritate your dog. If you have any lingering questions about the ingredients used in dog nail polish, make sure to ask your veterinarian or groomer if the product is safe for your pet. The cost of dog nail polish is similar to that of human nail polish that are sold at discount stores.

Now that safety is no longer a concern, let’s talk looks. How do you select one that will look fabulous on your dog? There are many ways to select a dog nail polish color. For instance, you can select one that complements your dog’s fur or matches the clothing your dog will wear. You can even match it to your own manicure or clothes that you are wearing.

You can even buy dog nail polish in the same hues as your own nail polish. They can come in numerous shades of red and pink, as well as flamboyant colors like green and blue. There are even ones that glow or glitter in the dark.

Some groomers can apply French manicures or holiday-themed colors to your pets. They can even paint polka dots or other elaborate designs. Even nail decals like those worn by humans exist in dog versions.

As for longevity, you can expect your dog’s nail polish to remain for a few weeks at a minimum. Applying brush-on nail oil can help it last even longer, since it reduces the likelihood of the nail polish and nail itself from cracking. When the look is getting tiring or you simply want to give your dog a new makeover, the dog nail polish must be removed only with dog nail polish remover. Do not ever use human products on your pet. Polish remover exists in both tissue and liquid form.

Lastly, some dogs are too excitable or active to let you leisurely give them a manicure. If your dog fits this criteria, then you need a product that is not only fast drying, but covers in one coat. Dog nail polish also exists in pen form for speedier application. If you are polishing your dog’s nails, begin by cutting off excess fur that obstructs the paws. This allows the polish to be visible and reduces the chance of it getting stuck in the fur.

Photo Credit: Tricia Wang 王圣捷