How to Choose the Best Claw Clippers for Pets

When grooming household pets, one important step that should not be neglected is trimming their claws. To aid in this, there are three distinct types of clippers to choose from: nail scissors, guillotine clippers, and electric nail grinders.

Toenail clippers that are originally designed for humans can also be utilized to great effect on smaller pets such as birds, kittens, and rabbits. To select the best claw clippers, one needs to first determine the thickness and size of a pet’s nails.

Afterwards, it will be much easier to select a pair of clippers based on the specific needs of the pet, the reliability of the clipper, and your own preference for a clipper.

Guillotine Style Clipper

rescoOut of the clippers mentioned earlier, the guillotine claw clippers are by far the most popular and widely available clipper available to pet owners. They are designed with a metal ring on one end and handles on the other.

When the handles are squeezed, a sharp metal blade closes the ring and slices through whatever has been placed through it. Guillotine nail clippers are available in various sizes for different pets, and are most likely the most appropriate option if you are looking for strong clippers for use on a big dog.

One drawback of the guillotine clipper is that it can be somewhat difficult to see how much of the nail is about to be trimmed, so it may be a monumental task to do a perfect clip on uncooperative pets.

Scissor Style Clipper

If you are not a fan of the guillotine clippers, yet need something strong enough to trim through thick nails with great control, then the best option is the scissor-style clipper. Smaller nail scissors are also very useful for trimming small cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, even lizards.

Nail scissors look identical to regular scissors, with the exception that there is a small indent in each blade to fit the curve of a nail. To use this, simply fit one nail at a time between the blades and close the blades to quickly and effortlessly trim your pet’s nail.

The only real drawback of this type of scissor is that the blades can dull quickly, and so they will need to be sharpened regularly especially if they are intended for use on thick nails.

Electric Nail Trimmers

Another great alternative for pet owners to consider are electric nail clippers. They work differently than clippers because instead of cutting the claw off, this device will grind the nail down. These devices also do not need to be used exclusively; you can trim first and file later if that is easier.

By combining the nail trimmer with a clipper, one can bypass the most significant drawback of a nail trimmer, which is that it can be a lengthy process trying to file the nail down. If your pet is restless when getting its nail trimmed, then this may not be the best option.

Other considerations

When selecting what to buy, you will need to carefully consider the size and length of your pet’s nails. Should your pet’s nail be rather thin, then it may be possible to clip them with human nail clippers. If it is thick however, then specialized clippers will be necessary. Small clippers that are used on thick nails will be ineffective and may even cause harm to your pet.

In order to select the safest claw clippers, be on the lookout for sharp clippers from reputable brands. Professional claw clippers will generally be made of stainless steel, and will have handles that are ergonomic and simple to use.

If you dislike using claw clippers, one workaround is to use an electric nail trimmer to keep your pet’s nails in check between professional trimmings. The most crucial consideration is that you are confident and willing to trim your own pet’s nails.

If you are uncomfortable but would still like to get started, ask your veterinarian to guide you on how to use clippers safely and efficiently so that your first trim can be as smooth as possible.