Best Dog Treadmills Review

best dog treadmill

Everyone is familiar with what a treadmill is, but did you know that there are even treadmills for dogs? Dog treadmills are beneficial for many reasons, such as helping overweight dogs shed some pounds or assisting injured dogs with rehabilitation. If the weather doesn’t agree with your plans to take your dog out for a nice stroll, but a dog treadmill can let your puppy get the exercise they need.

With that said, sometimes after a long day at work, you simply do not have the energy to walk your dog, so you’d rather put her on the treadmill while you make dinner or answer some emails and call it a day. That’s totally fine! You are a caring owner for even considering your dog’s exercise habits.

I don’t know, a dog treadmill sounds like something that would gather dust.

Then you’d be surprised to hear that recent studies show that a treadmill for dogs can provide numerous health benefits for not only injured or obese dogs, but healthy canines as well. For instance, it can improve your dog’s cardiovascular health as well as blood flow (just like it would for a human, no surprise there).

Professional dog trainers agree that the best dog treadmills can be a great addition to your dog’s exercise regimen so you can take your dog for walks outside and train them at home from time to time for an optimal, well-rounded routine.

Furthermore, dogs can be quite the bundle of energy and keeping them cooped up all the time can make them restless. With a great outlet for them to release their pent-up energy, they are sure to be happy and you won’t have them begging for your attention all the time.

There are many more reasons why you should consider investing in a treadmill for dogs, so read on for our full review of the best ones and why we picked them.

Selecting the Best Dog Treadmill and How to Get Your Dog to Use It

Dog treadmills aren’t some new invention; they’ve been around for decades. Researchers have already been studying the effects of dog treadmills as early as the 1950s, and here’s what they found.

Teaching Your Dog to Run on a Treadmill

Your dog will quickly learn how to run on a treadmill, but like all endeavors, you have to start with baby steps. First, you should let your dog walk on the treadmill for a few minutes at a time. Keep the pace slow and keep at it for several consecutive days.

Each day your dog walks on the treadmill, you should increase the speed slightly until the desired speed is reached. Be patient and kind to your dog, and they will be happy to follow your instructions.

Dog Treadmills in Professional Use

Dog treadmills are often used in veterinary hospitals to help obese dogs shed those pounds and as a use for dogs’ physical therapy. It is one of the first tools pet doctors use to nurse dogs back to health.

There are even aquatic (as in, underwater) treadmills for dogs that can be used in addition to conventional treadmills. However, this option is simply not feasible for the average pet owner.

Why Can’t My Dog Just Use My Treadmill?

The best dog treadmills are similar to ones made for humans, but there are some key differences. First, they must accommodate your dog’s length and gait which can vary wildly with all of the numerous breeds of dogs out there. Secondly, dogs may need some motivation to get started, so manufacturers equipped their machines with treat baskets and other such enticing rewards that a treadmill for humans wouldn’t have.

DogTread Treadmill

PetZen has created a product that is designed specifically for larger dogs weight up to 150 pounds. Weighing only 100 pounds itself, it has a run area of 75”x17”. It supports speeds from 0 to 7 mph and comes with pre-programmed workouts.

The running platform for this treadmill is low, however its incline can be adjusted with a flip bar for a more challenging workout for your dog. The DogTread’s slimness helps keep your dog running in place. If your dog has a keen sense of hearing, you shouldn’t worry because this machine runs quietly compared to most other dog treadmills.

Petrun PR720F Treadmill

The Petrun PR720F Treadmill is ideal for households with medium-sized pets weighing up to 132 pounds. The run area is 52”x16” in dimension, and is connected to a low-profile platform. The lowest speed is a brisk 0.6 mph, going all the way up to a vigorous run at 7.5 mph.

If noise is a concern, know that this treadmill operates very quietly; perfect for those with pets that are easily distracted by curious noises. The dimensions are just enough to accommodate a larger dog’s stride. It’s easy to operate at a distance using its remote control, and there’s an emergency shut-off button for those unexpected times.

The Petrun PR720F can be folded up and comes while dolly wheels for easy mobility when you need to store it. The horizontal bar at the front can be used to hang your dog’s favorite toy or treat, and it comes with a dog chain holder as well.

DogPacer Treadmill

The DogPacer Treadmill is great for owners who travel a lot with their pets. It is super easy to setup in hotels, gyms, offices, or any temporary living space. This way, your pooch doesn’t have to miss out on having her daily workouts to stay fit and healthy. It can even accommodate large pets weighing up to 180 pounds.

Once set up, the dimensions of the DogPacer are approximately 77”x27”x46”. When folded, its dimensions become a compact 42”x22”x8”. With a tread area of 71”x16.5”, your dog can run to her heart’s content without accidentally falling off. The incline can be set to between 5 to 9 degrees. The powerful 1.5 HP motor will be sure to give your dog quite some exercise with speeds ranging from 0.5 mph to 7.5 mph.

Treadwheel ToySmall

The purpose of the Treadwheel is to provide an off-leash and high-speed running experience for your dog without occupying too much space. It is ideal for small apartments or homes with limited space. Since this product does not require electricity, your pet can run at her own pace. This ensures your pet will always be able to handle the speed since they control how fast they want to go.

This product comes assembled, so you don’t have to worry about installation. The TreadWheel ToySmall is meant for small dogs, however there is a bigger version that can support dogs weighing up to 150lbs.

The wheel of the Treadwheel is made from a high-quality, thick plastic and the base is constructed from dense metal. The inside of the wheel is padded with a sturdy foam material that protects your dog’s paws and the wheel itself. Though the speed of the wheel is self-controlled, it still comes with a brake that can help slow the wheel down if needed.

You can also use the resistance provided by the brakes to increase the effort needed to spin the wheel, which increases the cardiovascular training for your dog. The wheel is well lubricated and does not make any sounds while spinning.

Petrun PR710 Treadmill

The Petrun PR710 Treadmill is a great option for owners with smaller dogs weighing no more than 44lbs. It has a running area of 42”x16” and has a low platform so that even the smallest of dogs will have no issue getting up and down the machine.

To encourage your dog to keep going, you can hang your dog’s favorite treats or toys off of the metal eyelet located at the front of the machine. The push-button controls are easily accessible from the side panel so that you will not get in your dog’s way. A remote control can also be used if you want to change settings from afar. The speeds are adjustable from 0.6mph up to 7.4mph.

There are loads of features that the Petrun PR710 comes pre-programmed with. You can quickly set up timer and programmable speed controls in seconds. It can also be folded up and stored because of its space efficient design and dolly wheels. For owners of small to medium-sized dogs, this is a great option.

GoPet PR725 Treadmill

Measuring in at only 90”x24”x16” with a running area of 71”x16”, this piece of machinery is quite space efficient. The PR725 from GoPet boasts various speed settings, ranging anywhere from 1mph up to 10mph, all of which can be easily adjusted from the remote control or side console. For added challenge, you can also increase the incline to simulate running up a hill.

This piece of equipment can be used by dogs weighing up to 175lbs, which is far greater than any of the other treadmills covered in this review. For owners with larger dogs, you can’t go wrong with GoPet’s PR725 Dog Treadmill.


You don’t want to let your dog laze around the house just because the weather isn’t ideal or you are too tired to walk them yourself. Your dog loves to run around and play, so give her a chance to release her pent up energy. A dog treadmill provides a consistent training environment so you know exactly how much exercise your dog is getting.

Even if you do take your dog out a few times a week, a dog treadmill can still help supplement her training regimen to ensure she remains fit and healthy. If you lack the time or energy to take your dog out for regular walks, then you should consider investing in the best dog treadmill you can find.