Becoming a Well Groomed Horse Person

It’s considered normal these days to have more than one career in their lifetime. The focus used to be to go to school and get good grades. This resulted in going to university, gaining a qualification and hopefully working one’s way up through the ranks in a job that spans 30 years or so. Society is changing.

If someone is to groom their son or daughter to take over the family business, they encourage them to learn about all facets of the business. They are taught about the day to day tasks, the finances, employing and letting go of staff, marketing and other areas that are important to the functioning of the business. The same process should be a goal for the horse person wanting to make themselves the best person for the job.

Learn a Little About a Lot

Making the focus learning rather than the weekly wage, hourly rate or annual income is a great way to improve on one’s skills. Take on a job that offers opportunities to try different things, learn new skills and increase one’s knowledge bank.

This should especially be taken advantage of when that person is of a young age and without financial commitments or a family that’s reliant on one’s income. This is the time to:

  • Travel with horses
  • Try out different equine disciplines
  • Compare the northern and southern hemispheres way of working with horses
  • Develop skills and contacts
  • Consider a job that is going to provide a qualification
  • Volunteer with horses

Work to Learn, not to Earn

It is possible for people to be so focused on one particular area that they become the best in that field and they get paid well for it. However, the unthinkable can happen, resulting in the closure of that sector and skills that are suddenly null and void.

Being wise with regard taking opportunities to broaden one’s skills range can keep doors open with regards to employment. For example, someone that is undertaking a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment alongside working in the horse industry could go into teaching horse studies in a tertiary sector, at an equine workplace or continue working as a stable hand.

It’s important to recognize opportunities to learn new skills, develop new contacts and add to the resume. Whether planning to work as a stable hand and travel the world, manage a large equestrian property or run one’s own horse stud, any skills acquired will be invaluable as someone who works with horses, in whatever field they choose.